Welcome to The Thankful Movement

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What is The Thankful Movement?

The world feels chaotic and even dangerous right now. It's so hard to stay positive and keep taking good actions when those around us have fallen into negative attitude traps.

Positive people feel isolated, alone against the rising tide of badness.

That's why we created The Thankful Movement. We are Anne Ryan and Evelyn Fielding, along with a tight-knit team of behind-the-scenes people who believe that thankfulness--the small actions of gratitude--can save us from ourselves and get us back to balance and positivity.

How can one individual make a difference? By joining in community with others, we expand our influence. Small groups attract more individuals, big groups become changemakers, and a social movement is born. The Thankful Movement is exactly that.

If you would like to revive and sustain your own good attitude, feel the amazing support of a positive community, and ripple this out into your life, you've come to the right place.

Optional Support: Individual “On Point” Coaching: Engage Anne, Evelyn or both of us in your own projects with your own goals. Examples could include brainstorming the “why” of starting an online membership community; determining your ideal client/audience; Vision and Values work for entrepreneurs and side-hustle starters; and more. Our coaching fees are an optional add-on to any membership level.

*What is a DIY Thank You Card Kit? We would love to give you a real-life gift for joining The Thankful Movement Community. Yes, a gift in real life, not just something you download! More details about our Thank You Card kits and our mission to support Kiva borrowers is in the Welcome section of your Thankful Movement membership feed. Take advantage of it and let us express our gratitude for YOU!

Join the community and get rewarded right away with comforting articles, action-provoking workshops, thought-provoking questions, and kind greetings from community members.

Choose a plan and get ready for a warm welcome into your new community.

We are truly excited to meet you, and can't wait to express our thankfulness for you!